About Student Web Pro

My name is Joshua Owner/Operator of Student Web Pro. I have been developing and designing websites for the past 6 years. My portfolio now includes 30+ websites from businesses with-in Simcoe County and abroad. It is my mission to provide quality websites at affordable prices. I am able to do this by offering my customers websites that meet there needs, nothing more and nothing less.

When you are looking for website, it is often more then a design and setup. Student Web Pro offers complete solutions for the web. This means that when we setup a website, we cover: load optimization, search engine optimization, W3C validation, email setup and website analytic. We also include a back end for your website that makes it easy to make updates from any web browser.

All of the features listed above are standard with our websites, and come at no extra cost. This means your get our best quality website, without compromise.

If you are looking for an afford website, call us today. 705-888-8388 or email joshua@studentwebpro.com